What Does It Take to be Truly Healthy?

Traditional medicine sees health as the absence of illness or bodily injury. This basically means that if you have not been diagnosed with a documented illness or have not broken a bone you are healthy. This can explain the countless people that visit doctors looking to see what is wrong with them because they lack energy, feel depressed or unmotivated only to be turned away without a diagnosis or given a prescription to a wonder drug to lift their mood. Suddenly happy and busy again are these people truly healthy?

Yoga offers another perspective. Yoga sees people as multidimensional beings with a being that moves, a second that breathes, a third that feels, a fourth that thinks and a final one that is in bliss. The purpose of yoga is to reach that final state  state and this can only happen when all parts work in unison – In other words, when Body/Mind/Spirit are each aligned with one another.

Today, with the popularity of yoga as a form of exercise many refer to the physical practice as yoga. However,  yoga as a philosophy offers a wholistic perspective that encompasses Body/Mind/Spirit and extends well off the mat and out into the world.

When we embrace a whole person approach we see that physical health is inextricably tied to mental health via thoughts, to emotional health via feelings and to the spirit via relationships. Certainly modern medicine is beginning to see a relationship between these levels of existence.

Healthy energy producing food combined with positive thoughts and loving relationships leads to true health.

When these are aligned, we are in a place of unconditional love and acceptance, non judgment, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. When we are not feeling these, I believe that we are being invited to come back into balance. Health has so much more to do with the physical body and the appearance of health. What lurks underneath? When we scratch the surface what weeds need to be pulled up?

We can ignore and pretend for a while, but eventually we are each asked to embark on a healing journey. This journey leads us  to rediscover the wholeness we are, have always been and will always be.

Has your time come to begin the journey?



Nicole Rolland is the author of  “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance”  and the owner of Nicole Rolland Yoga & Meditation (NRYM)

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