3 A’s to Create Change- Aware, Accept and Allow

Whether you are interacting with a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a stranger you may never come across again, you are projecting your energy onto the canvas of their life. What the other chooses to see in you will very much depend on their shadows. A shadow is a repressed aspect of the self. As we heal our shadows we create change within and around us.

Healing Shadows

For instance, if you have repressed anger (everyone has some) your neighbour will only become emotionally charged by this anger if it resonates with some deep seated anger they have as well. However, if your neighbour does not react to your repressed anger then they have done a good part of healing this aspect of themselves. This has to do with healing shadows and what I refer to as bringing shadows out of shadow and into the light.

Like attracts Like

“Like attracts like” as stated by the Law of attraction. What you attract to yourself and what you are attracted to in return is a reflection of what you are.

So what does this mean? Does this sound like “new age quackery” or like something more profound worth exploring?

Ancient yogic texts, as well as religious and spiritual leaders the world over, speak of moving from the darkness to the light. This is in fact the purpose of yoga and certainly a bi-product of the practice. If your practice keeps you trapped in darkness, your practice may be giving you something you need but it’s not necessarily a true yoga practice, a yoking of the body, mind and spirit.

About Dark and Light 

Darkness is what is anchored in fear and leads to separation- “I am separate, different, superior or inferior to you”. Light is anchored in Unconditional Love and leads to Oneness- “We all matter and are all in this together.”

Fear shows up in transactional relationships where the focus is on what’s in it for you. Whenever there is a feeling of lack, there is fear. Love shows up as kindness and compassion without looking for anything in return. When you trust that your needs will always be met no matter what, you can love unconditionally.

The world is still very much anchored in a scarcity based mentality. We believe it’s human nature to fight over resources where we take away from each other rather than work together to create a larger pie. At the same time though, many are also beginning to realize that there is an alternative to this cut-throat competitive mindset that leads to a burned out and desensitized society- the rhetoric of the diversity of our politicians’ platforms reflect this.

You are being asked today to flush out the darkness.

So take a few minutes, close your eyes, connect to your breath and breathe….

Look at your relationships- what are you projecting onto the canvas of your neighbour? and what is your neighbour projecting onto your canvas? What gives you an emotional charge and what gets your neighbour riled up?

Whenever there is an emotional charge, there is an invitation to heal.

Aware-Become aware of your shadow

Accept-Accept your shadow

Allow- Allow the healing and magic to happen 




Nicole Rolland – Yoga and Meditation teacher

Author “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning and Abundance”



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