40 Ways Yoga Heals

According to Yoga as Medicine- The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing by Timothy McCall, MD there are 40 good reasons to do yoga:


  1. Increases Flexibility
  2. Strengthens Muscles
  3. Improves Balance
  4. Improves Immune Function
  5. Improves Posture
  6. Improves Lung Function
  7. Leads to Slower and Deeper Breathing
  8. Discourages Mouth Breathing
  9. Increases Oxygenation of Tissues
  10. Improves Joint Health
  11. Nourishes Intervertebral disks
  12. Improves Return of Venous Blood
  13. Increases Circulation of Lymph
  14. Improves Function of the Feet
  15. Improves Proprioception
  16. Increases Control of Bodily Functions
  17. Strengthens Bones
  18. Conditions the Cardiovascular System
  19. Promotes Weight Loss
  20. Relaxes the Nervous System
  21. Improves the Function of the Nervous System
  22. Improves Brain Function
  23. Activates Left Prefrontal Cortex
  24. Changes Neurotransmitter Levels
  25. Lowers Level of Stress Hormone Cortisol
  26. Lowers Blood Sugar
  27. Lowers Blood Pressure
  28. Improves Level of Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  29. Thins the Blood
  30. Improves Bowel Function
  31. Releases Unconscious Muscle Gripping
  32. Uses Imagery to Effect Change in the Body
  33. Relieves Pain
  34. Lowers Need for Medication
  35. Fosters Healing Relationships
  36. Improves Psychological Health
  37. Leads to Healthier Habits
  38. Fosters Spiritual Growth
  39. Elicits The Placebo Effect
  40. Encourages Involvement in Your Own Healing                                                                                                                                                                 These are all fantastic reasons to do yoga. You may not find the perfect class or the perfect teacher for you the first time around but don’t give up. There is such a huge variety of types of yoga, types of teachers and places that offer yoga that it won’t be very difficult for you to find the right match to suit your style.                                                                                                                                                                            Namaste,


Nicole Rolland is the author of  “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance”  and the owner of Nicole Rolland Yoga & Meditation (NRYM) 

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