4 Tips to Deepen your Yoga Practice

Today more and more are turning to yoga to stay healthy, fit and find inner peace. Many are even looking to add more depth and meaning into their lives as well- deepening a yoga practice is a good place to start. So what makes one yoga class more profound than another? and what can you do to get the most out of each class?

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years there is always some new terrain to explore, wisdom to embrace and another layer to shed on the wondrous journey back to remembering the wholeness you have always been. Here are my 4 steps to deepening your practice- It’s all about opening and healing the heart.

1- Open. Allow yourself to receive the fruits of your practice  by showing curiosity and excitement. Cultivate a beginner’s mind ripe to possibilities rather than staying trapped in probabilities with the jaded minded of a scarcity based mentality.

2. Trust. Show faith in a  higher force at work orchestrating your heart’s desire. Allow this force to align your outer life with what you truly desire. Accept that whatever happens on the yoga mat is happening for a very good reason- you do not even need to know the reason.

3. Forgiveness. Take responsibility. In the same way you are responsible for what happens in your life, you are responsible for whatever happens on the yoga mat. Do not blame, criticize or put anyone down, least of all yourself. As you take responsibility there is no need to apologies or even receive apologies from anyone.

4. Gratitude. See the glass as half full and find the blessings in your life. You are so lucky to have the support of a yoga practice. The more gratitude you feel the more your practice will support you on the mat as well as off it.

With this mind set you are well positioned to yoke together Body/Mind/Spirit and bring yourself back to who you truly are and to what really matters. The more you can move between the levels and see interconnections the more profound your practice will be. Notice what happens to the mind, body and the spirit in each posture and flow. Notice how this then spills over into your life.



Nicole Rolland- Yoga and Meditation



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