Is Your Job Running Your Life? How Yoga Can Help Prevent Burnout

Are you trapped on a treadmill doing a job that is taking more and more of a toll? Do you feel that the demands being placed on you exceed the resources available? Not sleeping, eating, exercising or really having much fun?

If this sounds familiar you are not alone. You are probably headed towards the burnout zone. Sure, you can run on empty for a time but eventually you will hit a wall and crash.

What can you do to prevent this from happening?

First off, you need a holiday – a holiday from your “job”. And then you need an ongoing maintenance plan to replenish the energy you expend.

Bringing yoga into your life is no longer a luxury, a fad or a preference but a necessity to survive in today’s world. As long as you allow the practice of yoga to do its job-to yoke together Body/Mind/Spirit your job will never control your life and you will never experience burnout.

Here are my 4 tips to allow yoga to do its job so you never experience burnout:

  1. Chose an appropriate yoga activity.                                                             Any activity that joins together Body/Mind/Spirit will truly nourish you and provide the sustenance you need to stay grounded and centred with who you truly are. Whether it’s a yoga class, some quiet meditation or reflection time in nature, an artistic or sporting pursuit, reading, writing, cooking – anything really that brings you into the present moment – is an appropriate yoga activity. If your chosen activity leaves you feeling inadequate and in a place of judgment you are not engaged in an appropriate “yoga” activity.
  2. Commit to this yoga practice                                                                        Allow this activity to become a practice and show up regularly – no excuses. That does not mean going to that yoga class when you have nothing to do or treating your appointment at your art studio as the least important appointment on your agenda. This means refill your tea cup as needed – called listening to your body. Everyone has their own unique rhythm. Learning what yours is, without looking at your neighbour’s, and then learning to honour it is a big step towards allowing your practice of yoga to do its job.
  3. Build awareness                                                                                             Learn to understand what is driving you. Are you being driven by the demanding voice of your ego that always wants more, bigger and better or by the gentle voice of your loving soul that wants you to remember the wholeness and perfection that you are? This is important. Don’t get me wrong: your ego is helpful and plays a crucial role in your life but it needs to be tamed. If you are working crazy hours, skipping meals and generally not taking care of what really matters, you are being bullied by your ego and have lost control.
  4. Feel the love                                                                                                    Chose a heart-centred practice that helps you connect to the wisdom of your heart. If you are not feeling the love that you are and the love that is around you, you are not in balance. Think of the unconditional love you feel when you look into the eyes of a baby. Whether you are a busy, follow- the-leader type or a seasoned yogi committed to living a life of meaning – everyone goes into fear and amnesia at times. It’s your ability to restore balance and your awareness that homeostasis is missing in the first place what matters here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Regardless of your job – executive, entrepreneur, stay- at- home mom or dad, socialite, student – it’s helpful to allow whatever your yoga practice is to do its job so you don’t end up shattered. The effects of burnout can be devastating, especially if you don’t have a strong support network to help you pick up the pieces.                                                                                                                                                     Press pause, take a breathe and connect to who you are and to what matters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Namaste,                                                                                                            


Nicole Rolland- Yoga & Meditation                                                         

4 Tips to Deepen your Yoga Practice

Today more and more are turning to yoga to stay healthy, fit and find inner peace. Many are even looking to add more depth and meaning into their lives as well- deepening a yoga practice is a good place to start. So what makes one yoga class more profound than another? and what can you do to get the most out of each class?

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years there is always some new terrain to explore, wisdom to embrace and another layer to shed on the wondrous journey back to remembering the wholeness you have always been. Here are my 4 steps to deepening your practice- It’s all about opening and healing the heart.

1- Open. Allow yourself to receive the fruits of your practice  by showing curiosity and excitement. Cultivate a beginner’s mind ripe to possibilities rather than staying trapped in probabilities with the jaded minded of a scarcity based mentality.

2. Trust. Show faith in a  higher force at work orchestrating your heart’s desire. Allow this force to align your outer life with what you truly desire. Accept that whatever happens on the yoga mat is happening for a very good reason- you do not even need to know the reason.

3. Forgiveness. Take responsibility. In the same way you are responsible for what happens in your life, you are responsible for whatever happens on the yoga mat. Do not blame, criticize or put anyone down, least of all yourself. As you take responsibility there is no need to apologies or even receive apologies from anyone.

4. Gratitude. See the glass as half full and find the blessings in your life. You are so lucky to have the support of a yoga practice. The more gratitude you feel the more your practice will support you on the mat as well as off it.

With this mind set you are well positioned to yoke together Body/Mind/Spirit and bring yourself back to who you truly are and to what really matters. The more you can move between the levels and see interconnections the more profound your practice will be. Notice what happens to the mind, body and the spirit in each posture and flow. Notice how this then spills over into your life.



Nicole Rolland- Yoga and Meditation


Facing Fear to Push Through Resistance and Handle Uncertainty


Growth happens when we expand out of our comfort zone. As we move to another level in our healing journey, it’s normal to feel insecure. Layer on political, economic and environmental uncertainty, a general malaise is being felt by many. So how to use this fear to propel us forward, to push through resistance and handle the uncertainty of these times?

The first step is to notice the fear and accept it. As we accept it our awareness expands and we can better see how it plays out in our life. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say that they have no fears- that is their ego talking…

Fear manifests itself in various ways:

  1. We exhibit overly controlling and manipulative behaviour : When we try to control the behaviour and actions of others to create a feeling of certainty, there is an underlying fear that resources are scarce and our needs will not be met. Whenever we feel we need to tell someone what to do, spin a story, play political games, hide intentions and motives we are acting out of fear.
  2. We become consumed by the notion of “Time”: When we become overwhelmed and hide (our true nature) behind an overly packed schedule- we use being “busy” and “lacking time” as an excuse for not meeting expectations. This can hide a fear of failure which in turn can lead to behaving out of integrity or not getting the job done properly.  We forget that “Time” is a man made construct that the ego controls to keep us in fear- running out of time, I don’t have time, I need more time… all spell fear.
  3. We become closed: When we close ourselves to new opportunities for growth such as new experiences, new ideas, new relationships we go against our expanding nature. This reflects a fear of reaching our potential or of not being able to reach it, as the case may be.
  4. We Harm others: When we prey on other’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities we abuse our power. All abuses of power stem from a fear that we do not have access to the power we need to succeed. As a result, we believe we need to take from others rather than rely on our own reserves of inner power.
  5. We stop caring : When we become complacent and stop supporting ourselves and others, we are in fear. Our abiding nature is one of true love, support, kindness and compassion. When we do not exhibit these qualities we are living in a place of fear and disconnection.

We tend to downplay fear, resist growth and discomfort as a way to handle uncertainty. However, the irony and reality today is that to handle the political, economical and environmental uncertainty of these times we need to face our fears, grow out of our comfort zone and embrace the change- within and around us.




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Yoga, Meditation and Essential oils to deepen your connection to who you truly are and to what really matters


Upcoming Book Talk in Montreal


Join me for my upcoming book talk “What it means to be conscious today”

Wednesday November 9, 2016


Westmount Library- Westmount Room

4574 Sherbrooke street West

Montreal, Quebec

Copies of my book- 2016 edition  available Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance” 



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This week I turn 50! Dare to Connect to Your Deepest Yearning

This week I am turning 50. 10 years ago on the eve of my 40th I knew something BIG was happening. However, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…I began to look for profound and meaningful connection with myself, those around me and, of course, the Universe.

I got curious, hungry and very greedy to learn and to understand (I hate to admit it but yes, I got greedy).  I took as many classes, workshops as I could, went on retreats at every opportunity and read every book I could get my hands on. I meditated for hours and my brain began to change- I started to see relationships and make connections that surprised me. I was not alone, many others were learning to tap into the glorious fountain of inner wisdom that is within them as well. 

I taught and practiced what I learned on friends and family and sparked a curiosity in them. In turn, they sparked a curiosity in others. We can each make a difference. It’s the small things we do to spread love, light and awareness that matters- We don’t need to be Oprah or even on her show to affect lives. 

Today the world is very different than it was even just 10 short years ago, and I am pleased to see that people around me are trying to be kinder, more loving, less judgemental and succeeding too. This is what the awareness and consciousness movement is all about. However it can’t happen until we begin to heal, face the demons, the ugliness and then love the whole kit and kaboodle. 

We have what we need to succeed and reach for the stars. How arrogant and ignorant it is to assume that healing in not necessary, is only for the “less fortunate”, or that we don’t have the time for it? Either way, healing will happen, and when it wants to happen we might as well let go, get out of the way and enjoy the ride…

Namaste to all you beautiful souls out there!



Nicole Rolland

Upcoming Events at Nicole Rolland- Yoga and Meditation (NRYM)

Hey Folks,

I love hearing from you and look forward to meeting you. Here are 2 of my upcoming events in Montreal you may be interesting in attending.

” Essential Oils Class to Deepen your Spiritual Practice Followed by a Guided Meditation”

Tuesday October 25 at Kast Boutique- 1472 Sherbrooke street west – 6 to 7.30pm- $30 tuition- RSVP: or (514) 935-4447

“What Does it Mean to Step Into Consciousness?”

Wednesday November 9 at the Westmount Library- 4574 Sherbrooke street, Westmount Room- 7pm




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My latest Video- 5 Pillars to Living Spiritually

Living Spiritually is all about connecting to who you truly are and to what really matters.

So what is that to you?

I can’t give you the answer, you need to find it out for yourself …Sorrry!!! 🙂

but when you follow my 5 pillars, you will find the nectar you seek to live the life you came here to live.

View my Youtube Channel and watch my latest video

  • Manage your Ego
  • Face your Fears
  • Let go of Expectations
  • Take Responsability
  • Connect to larger Purpose                                                                                                                                                                Namaste,



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3 A’s to Create Change- Aware, Accept and Allow

Whether you are interacting with a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even a stranger you may never come across again, you are projecting your energy onto the canvas of their life. What the other chooses to see in you will very much depend on their shadows. A shadow is a repressed aspect of the self. As we heal our shadows we create change within and around us.

Healing Shadows

For instance, if you have repressed anger (everyone has some) your neighbour will only become emotionally charged by this anger if it resonates with some deep seated anger they have as well. However, if your neighbour does not react to your repressed anger then they have done a good part of healing this aspect of themselves. This has to do with healing shadows and what I refer to as bringing shadows out of shadow and into the light.

Like attracts Like

“Like attracts like” as stated by the Law of attraction. What you attract to yourself and what you are attracted to in return is a reflection of what you are.

So what does this mean? Does this sound like “new age quackery” or like something more profound worth exploring?

Ancient yogic texts, as well as religious and spiritual leaders the world over, speak of moving from the darkness to the light. This is in fact the purpose of yoga and certainly a bi-product of the practice. If your practice keeps you trapped in darkness, your practice may be giving you something you need but it’s not necessarily a true yoga practice, a yoking of the body, mind and spirit.

About Dark and Light 

Darkness is what is anchored in fear and leads to separation- “I am separate, different, superior or inferior to you”. Light is anchored in Unconditional Love and leads to Oneness- “We all matter and are all in this together.”

Fear shows up in transactional relationships where the focus is on what’s in it for you. Whenever there is a feeling of lack, there is fear. Love shows up as kindness and compassion without looking for anything in return. When you trust that your needs will always be met no matter what, you can love unconditionally.

The world is still very much anchored in a scarcity based mentality. We believe it’s human nature to fight over resources where we take away from each other rather than work together to create a larger pie. At the same time though, many are also beginning to realize that there is an alternative to this cut-throat competitive mindset that leads to a burned out and desensitized society- the rhetoric of the diversity of our politicians’ platforms reflect this.

You are being asked today to flush out the darkness.

So take a few minutes, close your eyes, connect to your breath and breathe….

Look at your relationships- what are you projecting onto the canvas of your neighbour? and what is your neighbour projecting onto your canvas? What gives you an emotional charge and what gets your neighbour riled up?

Whenever there is an emotional charge, there is an invitation to heal.

Aware-Become aware of your shadow

Accept-Accept your shadow

Allow- Allow the healing and magic to happen 




Nicole Rolland – Yoga and Meditation teacher

Author “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning and Abundance”


Moving Beyond Stereotypes, Labels and Judgment

In an effort to calm our often harried nervous system, our ego helps us make sense of the world. We do this by labeling, stereotyping and judging as we place people, places and things into tidy little compartments. While this coping mechanism does seem to offer some relief in the short term, over the long term it simply creates more stress and unease in our bodies as we move further and further away from our abiding nature of inclusiveness, love and Oneness.

justice law gavelimage

How do we label, stereotype and judge? 

We apply labels, assign stereotypes and judge others all the time. While a label gives a snippet of information about that person, a stereotype is a widely-accepted and often simplified view attached to a person or group based on race, creed or culture. We often make judgments about individuals based on this label or stereotype without holding a complete and accurate picture of the person.

Most of us know that basing our judgments on labels and stereotypes leads to inaccurate conclusions, so why do we do this?

Let’s look at how archetypes fit in

At play behind the scene is an orchestra of characters known as archetypes, influencing our behaviour. These archetypes are streams of consciousness that we all share. They represent fundamental human motifs of experiences.

Though they all spring from the same well, you can chose to activate some and deactivate others throughout your life. Further, how you experience a particular archetype will differ from that of your neighbour. Much of this is beyond our conscious control. Within our control, however,  is the choice to find the beauty behind an archetype presented or to focus on its more negative counterpart, Also known as the shadow self.

So why does this matter?

Understanding archetypes and learning to see archetypes within yourself and others not only provides a powerful tool for self healing but also helps you build compassion and tolerance towards others.

Below I have made a table of the 12 main archetypes, XVIV century psychotherapist Carl Gustave Jung identified. Beside each, I added how each can show up in shadow and easily turn into an unflattering label.

The Innocent- A fool

The Guy/Girl next door – A nobody

The Hero- A show off

The Caregiver- A co-dependent person

The Explorer – A reckless person

The Rebel – An angry person

The Lover- An emotional basket case

The Creator- A dreamer

The Jester – A non serious person

The Sage- A Know it all

The Magician – A heathen

The Ruler – A dictator

So take a moment and look at these archetypes:

  • Notice which ones you resonate with, the light as well as the shadow side
  • How they affect the labels, stereotypes and judgements you make of  yourself and others.

At the end of the day is labelling, stereotyping and judging truly necessary? or could we Perhaps it’s time to move beyond this and embrace each other’s similarities rather than differences.  




Nicole Rolland- Yoga and Meditation



Why Shiva?

lord shiva

Why do I love Shiva? Why have I chosen Shiva to represent my yoga business and philosophy? And why is Shiva one of the most recognized symbols for yoga, together with, the symbol “Aum”?

In the pantheon of Hindu deities lies Shiva- the Destroyer along with Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Sustainer. They represent the 3 primordial creative energies of the Universe. We cannot have one without the other. Shiva destroys what no longer serves us so we may bring in what does. In this context, destruction is a positive and nourishing force that maintains order in the Universe.

With his 5 heads, as depicted in certain renditions, Shiva reminds us that we are multifaceted beings. As we shed the layers and step out of our need to be compartmentalized and to compartmentalize others we move to a place of ego awareness where we realize we are so much more than what we do, what we say, what we think or how we live.

Shiva, with his many arms, teaches us to grab hold of opportunities, to follow our many passions and, holding his trident, he teaches us to use weapons when needed and, clasping flowers, he reminds us of the potential for enlightenment always within our grasp.

As a dancer – the Nataraj, Shiva shows us how to dance through the fire of death, birth and rebirth. We learn to fight for what we believe in, set and enforce our boundaries, show our claws when required and to chose our battles well. There is very little place for complacency or apathy. Rather anger, rage and strength is often needed to bring in the new and then comes the dance of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude that follows in its wake.

As a karma yogi, Shiva teaches us the path of serving others, where we see ourselves as part of the human family, which goes beyond our tight circle of family and close friends. We become more sensitive to the suffering of Man, of our brothers and sisters. We cannot help but want to serve. We celebrate our service to others, as well as how others chose to serve, without worrying about “ulterior motives”, suspiciously wondering what’s in it for us or others.

As a husband and family man, he represents the bond of family headed by 2 equal partners: the stability of being supported, the need to procreate and continue without ever giving up. While Shiva was doing what he needed to do, his wife Parvati was lovingly tending to the home fires. In this, we learn that no matter what happens we can always come home to love and compassion.

Through sexual union, Shiva plants the seeds for Tantra- divine true love – and we learn to honour and bring balance to both the masculine and feminine forces within each of us. The creative force of the Universe is a sexual force and through Shiva we embrace our physical, mental, and spiritual union with a beloved where body, mind and spirit merge with the divine avatar with whom we each conspire. The Shiva Linga and the serpent are its symbols.

Shiva, the celibate ascetic, also choses a life of meditation and hardship and demonstrates that we can be many things and play many roles at once as we frolic gingerly on the poles of opposites to find the sweetness in the middle, without being trapped into a specific one.

Yoga, the union of Body, Mind and Spirit, helps us understand that we are all One, on the same pole and part of the same whole. We each carry all the potentials within us and can switch on one and all at will.

This is the path of the yogi that walks through the flames of transformation, over the hot coals of desire and loss, to burn through old patterns, beliefs and ways of relating so he may remember what he has always been and will always be.  Yoga helps us remember…




Nicole Rolland

Author of Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance

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