Calm Down the Monkey Mind with the Practice of OTFG

If you are like many that struggle with an overactive monkey mind you may find that my 4 tips to opening the heart will prove to be a helpful recipe to feel more peaceful and calm.

Opening the heart is all about healing the heart. Believe it or not, you no doubt carry a lot more grief, sadness and pain than you think. Over the years you have perhaps learned to close off your heart and cover it with a protective shell to be able to get on with life. You have no doubt learned that emotions and success do not go hand-in-hand. Today you are perhaps beginning to hear something quite different.

A healthy heart leads to healthy emotional responses and these are key to true happiness and happiness is key to long-lasting success.

The practice of OTFG will help you heal your heart. Beginning to open the heart can be painful so doing this gradually, surrounded by others committed to this process, is a good idea. The more you heal your heart the more comfortable you will be there. As your comfort level increases, you will naturally begin to gravitate away from the worrying fearful space in your head toward the more loving space in your heart.

You literally can learn to move out of your head and into your heart to recharge, renew and recenter. You do this by building awareness.

Step 1: Practice Openness- Get curious about people, experiences and yourself. Try new things, make new friends, challenge beliefs.

Step 2: Become more Trusting- Trust that your needs will be met and that it is safe for you to live a loving, compassionate and kind life.

Step 3: Forgive Yourself- Take responsibility for your life and your creations. See life as a school filled with learning opportunities rather than wins and failures.

Step 4: Practice Gratitude – Move to a place of optimism. No matter how challenging a situation may be there is always something to be grateful for.

When you get stuck practice Acceptance– Doing this on the yoga mat or in meditation will offer the magic you need to cycle through these steps. The more you do this, the easier it will become to move into your heart space and calm the monkey mind in your head.



Nicole Rolland-                                                                                         Yoga & Meditation Teacher                               



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