Facing Fear to Push Through Resistance and Handle Uncertainty


Growth happens when we expand out of our comfort zone. As we move to another level in our healing journey, it’s normal to feel insecure. Layer on political, economic and environmental uncertainty, a general malaise is being felt by many. So how to use this fear to propel us forward, to push through resistance and handle the uncertainty of these times?

The first step is to notice the fear and accept it. As we accept it our awareness expands and we can better see how it plays out in our life. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say that they have no fears- that is their ego talking…

Fear manifests itself in various ways:

  1. We exhibit overly controlling and manipulative behaviour : When we try to control the behaviour and actions of others to create a feeling of certainty, there is an underlying fear that resources are scarce and our needs will not be met. Whenever we feel we need to tell someone what to do, spin a story, play political games, hide intentions and motives we are acting out of fear.
  2. We become consumed by the notion of “Time”: When we become overwhelmed and hide (our true nature) behind an overly packed schedule- we use being “busy” and “lacking time” as an excuse for not meeting expectations. This can hide a fear of failure which in turn can lead to behaving out of integrity or not getting the job done properly. ¬†We forget that “Time” is a man made construct that the ego controls to keep us in fear- running out of time, I don’t have time, I need more time… all spell fear.
  3. We become closed: When we close ourselves to new opportunities for growth such as new experiences, new ideas, new relationships we go against our expanding nature. This reflects a fear of reaching our potential or of not being able to reach it, as the case may be.
  4. We Harm others: When we prey on other’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities we abuse our power. All abuses of power stem from a fear that we do not have access to the power we need to succeed. As a result, we believe we need to take from others rather than rely on our own reserves of inner power.
  5. We stop caring : When we become complacent and stop supporting ourselves and others, we are in fear. Our abiding nature is one of true love, support, kindness and compassion. When we do not exhibit these qualities we are living in a place of fear and disconnection.

We tend to downplay fear, resist growth and discomfort as a way to handle uncertainty. However, the irony and reality today is that to handle the political, economical and environmental uncertainty of these times we need to face our fears, grow out of our comfort zone and embrace the change- within and around us.




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