Greed- Move Past your Greed to Embrace your Life

Greed is a highly emotionally charged word- If you told someone they were greedy they would consider it a personal attack and would become no doubt very angry. Likewise, if someone told you you were greedy you would no doubt have the same reaction. So calm down, take a deep breath and know that it is time to receive.

The fact is many people suffer from greed. Greed halts spiritual progress on both a personal, as well as, a collective level. Greed prevents humans as well as countries from living peaceful and healthy lives. Dealing with this is important.

What is greed?

Wikipedia defines greed as “an inordinate or insatiable longing for unneeded excess, especially excess wealth, status, power, or food. As secular psychological concept, greed is an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs.” How to define what one needs? not an easy concept.

Greed is not only associated with wealth, food, power and status, nor is it about its mere accumulation, but more about the fear that resources are scarce. With feelings of scarcity come behaviours linked to hoarding, fortification and the need for more.

More, More, More….more money, friends, security, power, status, homes, sex, affection, travel, fun, parties….

Why do people want more?

The Ego, that keeps us trapped in separation always wants more. When we want more we are not living in the present moment and are not remembering the wholeness that we are- we are not connected to our true nature and are not living spiritually rich lives.

We think that if we acquire enough we will be safe and we will have the love we need to be happy. This is not conscious thinking and will only lead to disappointment. Just look at the record number of depressed or overly stressed out people around you. People that have everything yet feel so bereft.

What is the antidote to greed?

The antidote to greed is trust- trust that your needs will be met no matter what and that there will always be an ample supply of what you need.

  • Trust in yourself: that you will be able to do what needs to be done to meet your needs.
  • Trust that the resources you need to do this will be there for you.

Until you learn to do this, you will continue to miss the boat in spiritual understanding. Until you can appreciate that you are so much more than what you think you are/have/do and that you are neither better nor worse than your neighbour, you will continue to be lost and searching for more….Trust, Believe and Have Faith. 

Start by facing your greed

Face your greed by first becoming aware of where you are greedy in your life. Where do you hold fear? You may live a simple life but are greedy for recognition, knowledge or respect. You may live extravagantly but are paranoid that you will be robbed or taken advantage of. You may have more than you need but have difficulties sharing or giving freely to your loved ones. Greed can manifest in so many ways so connect to the way in which greed plays out in you. The next step is to accept it. This will happen automatically with the awareness.

Greed exists when we are fearful we do not have what we need. 

Release any guilt that may arise. Greed is a normal by-product of the society you were brought up in and of the old ways of interacting with one another. As more and more people Step into consciousness and connect to their true nature they are discovering new ways of treating themselves and their neighbours.

Open your eyes 

Open your eyes to what is being offered to you right now. Release expectations and judgments so you can receive what is there, staring you in the face. Let go of antiquated thinking of deserving more or better and accept what is being offered. Whatever is offered will match your vibration. If you vibrate true love you will get true love and if you vibrate fear you will get fear. Remember that a treasure covered in dust is still a treasure- it may just need to be wiped over with a fresh cloth.

Breathe…..There is no need to be greedy anymore. You have everything you need. You always have and you always will.

Spend money, more money will come. Lose a friend, a new one will come. Your heart breaks, new love will appear. Your home is destroyed, a new home will appear. Your reputation is lost, you will get a new one. A client goes away, a new one will come knocking. Your possessions get stolen, you will acquire new ones. Your clothes no longer fit, you will find new ones. Your fridge is empty, you will find food.

Open yourself up to receive the treasure, trust that it is what you need, let go of any expectations and allow yourself to be delighted with the treasure of your life….



Nicole Rolland                                                                                             Yoga and Meditation Teacher                                                                 Author of “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundanceavailable Here on Amazon


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