Spiritual Self Awareness Tool to Move Out of Chaos and Stress

If you are feeling chaos and stress you are not alone. The good news is- this is temporary. Many people suggest it has to do with the consciousness movement that is sweeping the planet today which is basically all about remembering the love that you are, have always been, and will always be. This movement is causing us to look at ourselves and examine our lives differently. However, This shift in awareness, rather than creating more unity in the world appears to be creating an ever widening schism. As the awakening souls begin to outnumber those still asleep- chaos and stress seem to be taking root and disrupting lives.

Chaos and Stress

The world is moving to a higher frequency and as a result time appears to be flying by. For many, there seems to be no “time” to socialize, relax, read a book or even call a loved one. Others, suddenly have too much time, yet find their lives equally stressful. People are scared.

There is a polarizing parting of the ways between people clinging to their “stuff” like a life line and those able to let go of what no longer serves them. This separation is fundamentally between those who have found their freedom and those who are still trapped in slavery.

It’s not what you have or don’t have, it’s the value you place on having them and how you use them to define your identity. When you have a clear sense of who you are and what matters you understand you are not these things.

Take a few minutes, breathe… and notice what you are clinging on to?  your job, partner, home, possessions, friends, children, family, job, money, status, roles, reputation, lifestyle….and let it go….

Choosing what to let go of

  • Let go of what is holding you back in the old consciousness.
  • Let go of what no longer vibrates at the higher frequency state you are now vibrating in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To manage your stress levels and reduce chaos in and around you, you need to calibrate your vibration to the vibration of everything in your life: your home, possessions, you friends, your partner, your family, your work, your thoughts….as long as there is a dissonance between these you will be trapped in chaos and stress.

You cannot enjoy the new energy until you let go of what you need to let go of. This is different for everyone. It’s always what is bringing you out of balance with your true nature and it’s probably what you think you could never live without.

Anything/anyone that makes you angry, sad, resentful, stressed, anxious needs to go. It need not be done dramatically but it can be done gently, compassionately and without judgement. It may come back and then again it may not…It does not really matter.

Take a few minutes, breathe… and notice what is moving you away from feeling the unconditional love that you are?  your job,  partner, home, possessions, friends, children, family, job, money, status, roles, reputation, lifestyle…. and let it go….

Yoga and meditation are the best tools to assist you as you let go, embrace the new and raise your vibration.



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