Financial worries? How to climb out of fear and start trusting life.

women looking worried and scared clasping her hands to her mouth

Are you worried about your financial security? Do you fret about not getting your fair share? Have you perhaps noticed a growing disparity between those struggling financially and those who seem to have access to a bottomless pit of resources? Are you exhausted keeping up or perhaps discouraged that you can’t? Are you yearning for less complexity and more simplicity? If this sounds familiar, I offer five tips to help you climb out of fear and start trusting life.

1.Stay connected to your inner guidance

Fear is internal and comes from a place of judgment, comparison and limiting beliefs, whereas trust comes from a deeper place within you that only knows love and peace. Trust connects you to your inner guidance and it’s this inner guidance that steers you away from disaster and potential harm, as long as you let it do its job. We get into trouble when we shut down, close off and stop listening and watching.

So close your eyes, connect to your breath and bring your awareness to that part of who you truly are and to what really matters to you…

Trust life by keeping your eyes and ears open

2. Appreciate what you already have

Always looking for more, bigger and better sends a message that what you have is not enough…that you perhaps are not enough. Choose to nourish what you have and allow it to grow. When you ignore what is there and chase after something new, what you have will eventually dissolve. This does not mean you ignore opportunities, it just means you make sure your existing garden is well cared for before you plant a new one.

Trust life by taking care of what you have first

So close your eyes, connect to your breath and look at what you have and appreciate it all.

3. Connect to what you love to do

It’s difficult to connect to what you love when you don’t know what it is. Many are conditioned to love money rather that what truly nourishes them on a soul level. This boils down to connecting to your inner self first before looking outside. I have noticed that some feel guilty when they indulge in something they love, believing instead that life needs to be about struggle while others are too afraid to take a risk and prefer to stay in their comfort zone doing what they have always done. Imagine if everyone, followed their hearts and devoted time and resources doing what they loved? When you follow your heart, the universe supports you.

Trust life by listening to your heart

So close your eyes, connect to your breath and bring your awareness to what you love to do. What makes you feel complete and whole?

4. Embrace your vulnerability

As I discuss in my book “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance” everybody is vulnerable on some level and much energy is wasted pretending they aren’t. No amount of influence, power or money will protect you against a natural disaster that strikes out of nowhere, a freak accident, a mystery illness or a trusted confidante that suddenly turns on you. When you can accept that you, like everyone, are vulnerable and “bad” things do happen in life (and that’s ok), you can use your precious energy to live life rather than protecting yourself.

Trust life by accepting all parts of it- the good, the bad, the ugly

So close your eyes, connect to your breath and bring your awareness to your fears and what you do to protect yourself.

5. Open yourself to the world

When you can open yourself to the wider family of man and to the world, rather than hide behind your loved ones, your group of friends or otherwise inner circle, you send a message that you trust life. Treat your neighbour’s children as you would your own, an acquaintance as your best friend, a stranger as a cherished friend. This does not mean you invite strangers into your home or stay up all night caring for a stranger’s child, ignore your responsibilities or let go of boundaries, it means that you open your mind to the value of everyone’s life.

Trust life by moving to an “I” and “my” mindset to a “we” and “our” mindset

So close your eyes, connect to your breath and bring your awareness to your loved ones- to your inner circle of family and friends and start to open it up and include others. Notice how wide you can cast your net.


When you trust life you trust that your needs will be met in the face of whatever adversity is thrown your way. You may have moments of doubts, fear and even freak out, but when you come back to your centre you trust that everything will work out just fine. you know that you will always get what you want even if you don’t always know what it is. People suffer because they are conditioned to believe that they need certain things to be happy rather than focus on being who they want to be. The universe works in mysterious ways and as you connect to who you truly are and to what matters to you, you come home to your soul.



Nicole Rolland is the author of  “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance” . 

You can visit her anytime at Nicole Rolland Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness (NRYM) to learn more about her classes, programs, mindfulness coaching, as well as, her blogs, podcasts and other healing tips to help you experience and remember the wholeness and perfection you are.