The Fall of Feminine Power and the Rise of the Feminine

I have been thinking a lot about feminism recently. Certainly the movement has come a long way since the Suffragettes of the late 1800’s century, Rosa Parks in the 1950’s, the rise of the career woman in the 1970’s, the stay-at-home dad in the 1990’s and then the recent US presidential loss of Hilary Clinton of course. What does this notion of being a “feminist” mean today and how does this help us connect to who we truly are and to what really matters on a deeper level?

I am concerned that, with the current fashion of feminism, rather than gender inequality lessoning it is simply moving from one power base to another. When we speak of feminine power, we risk falling into the trap where women simply usurp the traditional role of the man and abuses of power remain. Perhaps this is not the initial aim, but over time, the same tactics used to compete and manipulate continue to create the same result and nothing really changes.

Until we stop competing over scarce resources, wasting what we have and yearning for what we don’t, and as long as we continue to focus on materialism at the expense of kindness, compassion and love we will not see an equality in how genders are treated and nor will we see the gap between the haves and the haves-not lessen.

I believe a truly egalitarian  society (and please do not get sidetracked  by communist and socialist idealism here)  will happen with the rise of the feminine rather than the use of feminine power. The feminine is feminine energy that is within each of us. This energy represents the gentle, receptive, allowing, intuitive, non competitive, wisdom heart- centered part of each of us. The masculine, also within each of us, represents the opposing qualities of domination, hierarchical structures, competition, reason and ego head-centered energy. This latter energy has served us well in the past and continues to do so to some extent, and it must be respected. It has however, moved us to a place where we are invited to go “home” 🙂

So close your eyes, connect to your breath and connect to the feminine and to the masculine energies that live within you.

  • Are they in harmony with one another or is one trying to overtake the other?
  • How are they affecting your relationship outside of yourself? at home, work and in your community.
  • Notice any patterns with the way your parents treated each other when you were a child and how you perhaps treated your own children in turn.

Just notice without judging and then let your feminine intuition take over and see what happens….



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