Top 10 Ways to Love – Angel Style

Angels love differently. As an earth angel or an aspiring one, you may find my top 10 ways to love- angel style  useful to help you ride the angelic wave of love. When you learn to love like an angel you can easily pick yourself up when you trip and fall. It is my opinion that angels, like everyone, have accidents.  In fact, they often do because the very qualities that make them angels are the ones that make them accident prone. The important thing is to know when you have fallen and to get yourself back up again as fast as you can.

Connect to your angelic nature and step into the earth angel you are and have always been.

  1. Take a time out- Love is not conditional                                                               Angels do not set conditions to their love. They just love you the way you are. They may chose not to spend time with you and that’s ok because angels have a special responsibility to manage their energy. Angels understand that everyone vibrates at a special speed that is right for them. It is exhausting to keep up with the faster ones and it is frustrating to wait around for the slower ones.  You may even notice that some days you vibrate at a certain speed and other days you vibrate quite differently. You cannot force others to fly at your speed. Just take a time out and then see what happens.
  2. Release Expectations Love is not transactional                                                       Angels do not transact in love but focus on sharing instead (for more on this, read my blog ” A quick tip to recharge your battery so you don’t get depressed”). Though they respect the causal nature of the Universe and understand that karma is always at play they do not feed energy into this exchange. You know when to rest, play, work- each activity seamlessly flows into the next. You always have what you need when you need it so there is no need to expect anything at all.                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Embrace Abundance – Love does not have a price tag                                                    Angels live in abundance and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Many are gifts from Mother Nature and are available to everyone- a glowing sunset, a vibrant rainbow, a blooming flower, a frozen pond, towering mountains or the golden foliage of fall. You may also appreciate your shiny new car or dress and that’s fine too because you live in a place of gratitude. Fortunes come and go, abundance is always available.
  4. Accept Perfection- Love is not judgmental                                                                        Angels practice non judgmental  awareness. They do not judge in the binary paradigm of right/wrong, worthy/unworthy, good/bad, crazy/wise but rather expand their awareness to accept all that is. They do not see mistakes but see learning opportunities. They do not see enemies but see teachers instead. You, too, no doubt are on a learning path where you are learning what you need to learn.  There is no judgment either way because nothing is better or worse than anything else- there is no duality in the angelic realm on earth. Everything originates from the same divine source so how can anything be anything other than perfect just the way it is.
  5. Speak your truth- Love speaks truth                                                                                   Angels try their best to be honest and sincere. They speak their truth and listen to the truth of others. When you are upset by someone’s political opinion, personal value or belief system you take responsibility for being triggered and tend to the healing you need. You see all truth as valid as they all originate from the same place. The one great Truth that we are Truth never changes, truth does. ( For more on this- ch 6. in my book “Stepping into Consciousness- a Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning and Abundance).
  6. Let go of any agenda – Love does not manipulate                                                       Angels do not hide behind false platitudes, nor do they pretend to be “phoney nice”. This phoney niceness is done to manipulate a situation or person to be who or what they want. Angels feel and angels have emotions- they are not robots. You accept your  emotions and do not use emotions to manipulate others. You try to align your actions, words and thoughts to the best of your ability. You practice discernment to protect yourself but not to manipulate others or a situation.
  7. Listen to your inner wisdom – Love knows what and who it is                                Angels manage their ego and do not let it run the show. Angels understand that external constructs such as wealth, possessions, titles can all disappear from one moment to another and these do not define them. You may see these as tools to being an angel on earth. Naturally you need food, shelter and relationships. You connect to your inner wisdom and keep your ego in check so you can balance your material and spiritual responsibilities.
  8. Be of service and show support – Love cares                                                                    Angels are sensitive beings because they feel and they feel because they are sensitive. When you feel you naturally care. On a macro level you may be concerned about being of service to humanity in whatever way you can and on a micro one you may be thinking what you can do to support a loved one. Angels always have time for this important task. As your ego is in check you are not consumed by being too busy or too stressed. There is always time to do something- whether big or small, any gesture can be done to show caring.
  9. Take nothing personally- Love forgives and stands up for itself                              Angels do not shame, punish or reproach but on occasion they do need to take a stand when their energy is compromised. They try to bring together rather than separate to the best of their ability. When you fall off your path, you forgive yourself without saying sorry but rather by making amends. When you feel hurt, you feel the hurt. When the hurt turns into suffering you ask why you are choosing to suffer and make another choice instead.
  10. See love in everyone and everything- Love turns poison into nectar                     Angels trust and believe in the intrinsic loving nature of humans. Whatever is being expressed, be it anger, fear, sadness, the root is always love.  Whatever is dished out can be turned into a healing balm. You are an alchemist, a magician, an angel and can heal the world.

Remember my tips on loving- angel style and you too can be an earth angel. Spread your angels wings and ride the angelic wave of love. When you trip and fall just get yourself back up. I will be waiting for you.



Nicole Rolland

Nicole Rolland is the author of  “Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance”  and the owner of Nicole Rolland Yoga & Meditation (NRYM)

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