What Do You Hunger For?

“Twenty million people are at risk of starving to death in the crisis-afflicted countries of Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen” and most Americans (85%) are oblivious to the starvation crisis overseas, reads the Huffington Post this week. With today’s global network of information dissemination how is it possible that so many people are unaware of such a disaster?

It is true that relief often comes in the form of copious amounts of money and time being thrown to a problem. Luckily we have many organizations whose mission it is to offer assistance to people and countries in distress. However, this comes at a price when it releases us of responsibility. We easily refer to any crisis that happens outside of our front door as a  “Someone else will take care of this” type of problem. This kind of thinking simply fuels future crisis to take root and to be ignored.

People who are consumed by greed are so focused on their need for “more” that they cannot process distress that does not directly affect them.

What can you, as a spiritually aware and mature person, do?

You need to care and this means you need to feel. If you can’t feel, you probably don’t care and you most certainly need to heal on some level.   Everyone is responsible for their life and is being called to take responsibility for the life they create for themselves. In todays world, the need for others to play “rescuer”, “victim” or “saboteur” is increasingly being replaced by the need for others to “care and hold space”.

Bottom line is you cannot do the “work” for someone else but you can care and hold sacred space for people and countries who are learning. Caring is not feeling pity, because that suggests condescension. Caring is not trying to solve problems for others because that is disempowering. Caring is not trying to teach anything because that suggests inequality and caring is certainly not blaming others for the situation they may find themselves in- no matter how dire. Caring is really a state of offering love and sharing in the trust that a solution will be found in due course.

Satisfy your hunger

So connect to your breath, breathe deeply and send prayers to the people in Africa now in distress, to the suffering countries and to their governments. While you’re at it send blessings and prayers to every soul on this planet who is suffering from their own personal brand of starvation and then connect to what you hunger for….and know that with love and trust you will no longer hunger for anything.



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