What is Consciousness and What is the $Million Question?

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What is consciousness? 

Consciousness is energy.

We are consciousness.

So we are energy…

What does energy do?

Blue & purple space galaxy
Blue & purple space galaxy

Energy swirls around and around and around.

Energy vibrates at a certain speed.

Energy coalesces into and out of form, it never dies, it simply transforms.

So we are constantly transforming, death is not an option.

What are we transforming into?

This is the million $ question…

“To reach up to heaven we must have roots deeply anchored in hell” – ancient Sufi proverb.

We are each transforming into our highest potential, bringing in the light, bringing in the love of who we truly are.

Some of us are anchoring down into the proverbial “hell” and that’s ok because only once this is done can we reach up to heaven.

Let’s be compassionate, loving and forgiving- to ourselves and our brothers and sisters.

We are each learning after all…



Nicole Rolland

Yoga and Meditation


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