What is Holding you Back from Stepping into the Full Potentiality of the Universe?

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Dear Seeker,

The Universe is expanding consciousness and you are made up of this consciousness. In theory, you are each able to connect to the unlimited potentiality of the Universe, so why do you sometimes struggle?

Connected to Oneness from a heart space, the Universe satisfies your true desires. However, when connected to Duality, the Universe satisfies what you think you want from a place of Ego. In this place you will always be blocked from reaching your full potential. Your full potential is only realized when connected from your heart space.

Flowing in Duality to Flowing in Oneness

You may have noticed times in your life where you seemed to flow and then times you didn’t-You learned to flow in the dual reality and your love life, your friendships, career, money were all bringing you great satisfaction. So what happened? You hit a wall, and everything changed.

Call to Wake Up and Listen

When this happens, it’s a call from Spirit to wake up and to listen to the call of your soul. This is a sign to learn to flow in a new way- in Oneness. Over your life you may have received many such knocks at your door. Eventually the knocks become so loud that they can no longer be ignored. The Universe begins to block out what your Ego wants and shifts the focus more to what your soul is truly yearning for.


ACCEPT that you are in fact receiving exactly what you asked for. The Universe will always give you what you want and desire.

Some Examples may help

Dual wants: Money, Popularity, Status, Happiness…

Oneness desires: Abundance, Connection, Meaning, Joy…

Take a few moments and write down your wants and your desires and notice how your wants come from what your head thinks you want and how your desires emanate from what your heart truly desires.  

Head= what you THINK you want

Heart= What you FEEL you Desire 

Moving forward with the Practice of OTGF

Openness-Get Curious

Trust- Let go and out of the way

Gratitude- Optimism

Forgiveness- Take Responsibility

The more you practice OTGF the more you will be able to flow with the wisdom the Universe in Oneness.

Have a blessed day, Namaste!



Nicole Rolland: Yoga/Meditation Teacher and Workshop Presenter