Wire it Up!

Wire it up!

brain and cervical cord


So, you have started to pay attention, you are now working at bringing energy into the front of your brain; into the space between your eyebrows where your frontal lobes are located. This creates a natural biofeedback mechanism that stimulates our pituitary and pineal glands and creates the blissful sensation that helps us recharge and connect. So, what’s next?

Where do our thoughts fit in? Is it really important to fill our head with positive thoughts anyway? Do we understand how positive thoughts affect our life? And I mean really understand? It all boils down to becoming more aware of what goes on in our head and to building brain awareness – it’s all in the head after all!

Examine the thoughts in our head

Just as energy moves within our head and activates different parts in the brain so too do our thoughts and emotions move within our gray matter either reinforcing existing patterns or creating new ones. As we bring our attention to a toxic thought or a hurtful memory a chain reaction is created as electrical impulses are transmitted from one nerve cell to another. These neurons, and we each have about a trillion of them, are interconnected and form a pathway sending messages and signals throughout the brain.

From thought to outcome

As we travel along this pathway a thought creates a feeling which generates an emotion which in turn pushes us to do something. This action finally results in an outcome, either one we like or one we like less.

Thought → Feeling→ Emotion→ Action→ Outcome

Rewiring the brain: override and reinforce

I like to think of our brain’s neural pathways as set in putty and not in stone. To rewire our brain we need to override unhealthy pathways and reinforce healthy ones.

Overriding an unhealthy pathway

To override an unhealthy pathway and get rid of it entirely we need to starve it to death. I apologize, if this sounds unkind but in this case this is the best way to go. We feed thoughts with our energy so we can eliminate a negative thought by simply depriving it of energy. We then put energy into a positive thought that will create a more positive outcome. Whenever you think of something you send energy to that which you are thinking of. For instance, if you think fear and feel fear you will create fear. The fear you were feeling was generated by a fear based thought which then manifested your worst case scenario; the”how could this have happened to me?” scenario.

What is a fear based thought?

A fear based thought is any thought you have that is anchored in the belief that you do not have what you need or that you are alone, different and separate from the whole. Some examples of fear based thoughts I often hear include:

– “It’s just not done”

– “What would people think of me if …?”

– “I couldn’t do that because…”

– “How could I support myself if I…?”

– “It’s different for me…”

– “I am not lucky (or smart, or pretty or rich or…) like you

….blah, blah, blah. Do you get the point? Sound familiar?

Once you strip out the fear and the separation you are left with loving thoughts and whenever you think loving thoughts you create a loving outcome. It’s really that simple.

Reinforcing a healthy pathway

To reinforce a healthy pathway, we engrain it in our psyche by giving it lots of energy. For instance, if you think love and feel love you will create an outcome that you love. The more you love your outcome, the more love you will feel and then the love will spillover into your other thoughts. Suddenly the “I am so lucky and so blessed” scenario has appeared in your life.

Tools to rewire the brain?

  • Bring meditation and yoga into your life.

Repeat meaningful positive affirmations

Tap into the love that is always around you

Open your body and open your mind

  • Apply positive psychology into your life

Replace a negative thought with a positive one

Make new predictions

Watch the language you use

Set some goals

Focus on what makes you happy


  • Lifestyle


Eat healthy food

Surround yourself with supportive relationships

Enjoy fun friends

Slow down

Do what you love

Awareness exercise

So, close your eyes, breathe and bring your awareness to the energy moving in your head following the pathways you created with your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your actions and the outcomes you created. Bring your awareness to a recent outcome you created. What kind of outcome was it? Did that outcome make you happy? Connect to the thought that initiated the whole chain of responses that finally lead to that outcome. What do you notice? Breathe and know that you have the power to create whatever you want.

With Much Gratitude,



Nicole Rolland- Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Author “Stepping into Cosnciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, & Abundance



Part 2 of a 3 part series on building brain awareness






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